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to write for The Ann

Centerpiece guidelines

We’re looking for well-researched, strongly written news features about Washtenaw County or about culture or trends from a Washtenaw perspective. We encourage enterprise and investigative reporting, as well as lighter trend or analysis pieces and interviews with culture-makers. We love thoughtful “alt-story forms,” but are not interested in breezy Buzzfeed-style listicles — at least not for centerpieces. We do not publish fiction or poetry, personal essays or dissertations. Factual accuracy is critical.

As a monthly, we’ll rarely be the first to report on a subject. Our goal is to do the deepest reporting and to foster a productive, respectful conversation in the community.


The Ann comes from a place of love and respect for the people of Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County. We’re not looking for sappy nostalgia, dismissive snark or angry denunciations. We do reserve the right of thoughtful critique. In fact, we prefer work that identifies problems and proposes solutions. Writers must back up their assertions with evidence and attribute all facts.


Your work is the beginning or continuation of a conversation. Seek feedback from readers before you begin and be ready to respond when the story goes online.

The deets

Finished work and query letters are both welcome. If sending only a query, please include clips and/or writing samples. Centerpieces are 2,000 to 4,000 pithy words. The sweet spot tends to be 3,000 words. Acceptable formats: interviews, explanatory infographics, reported pieces, critical essays, op-eds, roundups, timelines, charts, comics, photo essays. We require contact info (phone, email, social media) for the author and each source cited in the work. We pay $1,000 for a centerpiece.

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