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The Cedric Simpson case lumbers on. The state Supreme Court has looked at newly introduced evidence of behind-the-scenes communications among police officials and Judge Kirk Tabbey — Simpson’s professional nemesis — and on Dec. 23 punted the case back down to a commission that previously recommended Simpson be removed from the bench.

On Monday, the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission in turn kicked the case back to its original “master,” Judge Peter Houk, to decide whether the new evidence should change his recommendation that Simpson should be removed from the bench.

Houk determined in April that Simpson acted improperly on all counts alleged by the JTC. But public records obtained by The Ann showed that Tabbey had intervened in a drunk-driving case involving one of Simpson’s interns to ensure that Simpson’s involvement in that case — in part, that Simpson showed up at the arrest scene and spoke to the arresting officer and the intern, Crystal Vargas — was reflected in police reports. Simpson was later anonymously reported to the Judicial Tenure Commission for interfering in the Vargas case.

Simpson has said he believes Tabbey made that report. Simpson and Tabbey both serve Washtenaw County District 14A, which processes cases arising in Washtenaw County except those within the City of Ann Arbor and the Township of Ypsilanti. The two judges have long had a contentious relationship.

Read the Supreme Court’s decision here: JTC Order Remand 01 11 2016

Jim McBee

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    Edward Wallace

    January 31, 2016 at 10:05 am

    Judge Cedric Simpson is very unprofessional, especially if a child is present in court (bordering on being a child predator) by ignoring the cases and only talking and seeing the child. He plays on his cell phone while court is in session. He asks unrelated to case questions and is impatient with court goers. It almost a circus unless he knows he is being observed. He is bad all the way around for Washtenaw County and the State of Michigan in my opinion.

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      Linda Williams

      November 10, 2016 at 9:25 pm


      I ageee with the comments you made about Judge Simpson. I went before him on a Landlord/Tenant case and I appeared in court at 9:00am and was not heard until 12:00pm.
      The attorneys in the courtroom were allowed to go ahead of private propoerty owners. Most of the attorneys were not prepared to present and would run into and out of the courtroom.
      He joked around as if he was a comedian having people no consideration for people’s valuable time.
      Every private landlord that day had to return to court on another day because he sympathize with the tenant and does not look at the evidence objectively.
      I have gone to court three times for the same case for non payment of rent. The third time the defendant did not show up for court. She did not call the court nor did her attorney receive a call from her.
      Her attorney kept trying to call her while he waste our value time and when her attorney finally reached her she was at work.
      He wanted me to come back a fourth time and I told my attorney no she not here and we should get a default judgement. Finally I did but she still has not complied with the judgement.

      I finally have put it together my tenant is a board member for peace neighborhood organization and he was too so I’m wondering if these two people know each other or have some affiliation. There is another Simpson on the advisory committee.

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      William Wells

      April 1, 2017 at 2:19 am

      I agree that Simpson is a horrible judge. He has no sympathy. And he extends no grace. The thought of him attempting. to get someone off. That has committed a crime is sickening and to add insult to injury. He is hardest on the blacks. He is a hanging judge. I hope they kick him off the bench and send his black ass to jail.