United Way awards varsity letters for community service

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Here’s an uplifting public service announcement that just crossed the transom:

At a June 2 ceremony, United Way of Washtenaw County awarded 24 students with a varsity letter from their high school in recognition of outstanding community service during the school year.

The Varsity Letter in Community Service recognizes high school students for their outstanding volunteer work during the year by presenting them with a high school-specific varsity letter in community service. Students participating in the program complete 145 hours of volunteer work and their hours are verified by the Labor Participation Committee.

Each year one participating senior is selected to receive a $1,000 scholarship by the Huron Valley Area Labor Federation.  This year Laura Grosh was selected for her outstanding community volunteer contributions.   Other students earning their varsity letter include:

  • Yashwanth Manne
  • Alison Schulte
  • Ritvik Jillala
  • Trip Apley
  • Thomas Cohn
  • Christopher Morgan-Martin
  • Yunfei Ma
  • Bhuvna Murthy
  • Mairead Erhardt
  • Laura Grosh
  • McClain Johns
  • Divya Macha
  • Megan Gauger
  • Richard Shi        
  • Will Ellsworth
  • Trey Feldeisen
  • Austin Sheperd
  • Sonya Reeves
  • Moira Cummings
  • William Chung
  • Michael Briggs
  • Maya Millette
  • Amina Tanweer
  • Eleanor Lawton

“We are delighted to recognize these students for their outstanding achievements in community service – more than 5,000 hours in less than one year!  Truly amazing work!” shared Pam Smith, United Way president.

Frank Gates from United Auto Workers and Gloria Llamas from CWA4123 and the local labor council were on hand with United Way President Pam Smith to recognize the students and pass out awards.

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    Erich Jensen

    June 6, 2017 at 9:34 am

    It is nice to read that the future is in good hands with these good young citizens as we are pummeled with bad/sad/weird news from other media sources every hour.