The Game: What are the new rules?

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Few things are better than chatting with a friend, especially when that friend has recently rejoined the dating jungle. My friend had been dating a man who approached her while grocery shopping. She described him as being shorter than her, younger than her and much more laid back than her. He had a gorgeous smile and was friendly. She was attracted to him. “He’s very sweet, sending me flowers, sweet messages online and inviting me out for dancing, etcetera,” she explained. Wanting to know more, I asked, “Have you kissed him yet?” “Oh no,” she said. “I’m kind of attracted to him but am not completely sold, plus after last night I’m not sure where we stand.” Then she recapped the previous night. “He asked to come over to watch a movie. Ten minutes didn’t pass before he started saying slightly suggestive things. Thinking that I might be overly sensitive, since I’ve been absent from the dating loop, I threw out his comment and started the movie. Halfway through he touched me. I removed his hand and continued watching the flick. “After the movie was over I grabbed his coat and thanked him for coming over. To my surprise, he was surprised that I didn’t want him to stay the night. He begged, he bargained and finally he left. “I was kind of attracted to him before our date but felt like he had a lot to learn, after. What was he thinking? I would’ve been so turned on if we would’ve watched the movie together, respecting one another’s space — I’m still getting to know him — and said goodnight. That would’ve been perfect and gentlemanly. Usually he calls me daily but I haven’t heard from him in two days.” So here’s my question, what are the “new rules”? Are the rules different depending on age, sex, etc.? Are these rules influenced by environmental factors? It’s all so confusing! Burning questions surely deserve answers, so start writing them. Send those answers to LadyTDating@gmail.com. Next month, look forward to responses.

Tasneen Bowe

Tasneen Bowe (a.k.a. Lady T), a real estate agent and entrepreneur, focuses on things that interest and inspire her and the women she knows. She’d love to hear what inspires you.