Ten to Go: Stand up
to The Scale

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We get discouraged when we visit The Scale and it gives us a number that we surely didn’t ask for.

We get discouraged because we don’t know, or don’t remember, that obesity is just as much a psychological as a physical problem. Weight loss affects self-esteem, body image, depression and health.

So don’t judge failure or success by pounds alone.

Take a systematic approach. It’s important to know and pay due diligence to your body-fat percentage, body-mass index and inches (as our friend Kathleen has done; check out her chart at right).

• Your body-fat percentage is the total mass of fat divided by total body mass.

• Your body-mass index measures your body fat based on height-to-weight ratio.

• Loss of inches is based off of your body composition, but is a result of fat reduction.

Once you’ve got these supporting numbers, ask yourself a simple question: How do I feel? If you’re feeling good and looking good, it’s got to be good!

Here are a few healthy eating tips to change up your old routine:

• Eat slower. It takes 20 minutes for your body to register fullness.

• Use smaller plates.

• Eat breakfast as often as possible.

• Plan your treats and snacks.

• Avoid distractions while eating.

• Eat water-filled foods (this will help you eat less).

• Snack on nuts (such as shelled pistachios).

• Up your fiber intake.

• Divide your plate and control your portions.

• Get your sleep.

Demond Johnson

The author, Demond Johnson, is a retired combat veteran who coordinated the U.S. Army’s Weight Control Program. He owns A2 Fitness Professionals. Contact him at demond@a2fitnesspro.com or 734-222-5080.