Ten to Go: Key to health — ‘Just move’

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Dr. John “Jack” F. Scheerer

Dr. John “Jack” F. Scheerer

Dr. John “Jack” F. Scheerer, a holistic family practitioner, graduated from U-M’s medical school in 1984 and began taking a holistic approach to medicine in 1991.

He believes in the healing power of nature and the natural healing powers of the human body and, when possible, using natural remedies including herbs, dilutions that focus healing energy, spiritual care, etc. He strongly recommends yoga and meditation for his patients.

Demond: What do you recommend in terms of preventive health care?

Dr. Jack: The goal is to create a “stable system.”  Prevention and also reversal of health (damage) includes three pillars: exercise, nutrition and stress management.

Demond: What is your take on prescribing exercise as medicine?

Dr. Jack: A lot of people today want a quick fix for everything. They come to the doctor after the train wreck. The links of the train track need daily attention. Thirty minutes of activity is essential.

(The doctor practices what he preaches. His daily routine includes breakfast with his wife, 30 minutes of meditation and biking to and from work. He loves to walk and garden — “Just move,” he says — and makes a point of sleeping eight hours a night. His advice: “You’re going to break an axle if you burn the candle at both ends.”)

Demond: What types of therapy do you suggest?

Dr. Jack: I’m in a rock band. Music therapy is on the top of my list. I also support art therapy. Also, I commonly prescribe gardening to patients.

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Demond Johnson

The author, Demond Johnson, is a retired combat veteran who coordinated the U.S. Army’s Weight Control Program. He owns A2 Fitness Professionals. Contact him at demond@a2fitnesspro.com or 734-222-5080.