Sundown: a tale of dating success

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Lady T shares a story about her friend L.G.’s sweetest date ever:

He was someone I knew from around town. There was always an attraction but we never acted on it. We bumped into each other by chance at a restaurant downtown. He’d gotten a job in California and was set to leave on Sunday — only two days away.

“Would you hang out with me on Saturday?” he asked.

“Sure,” I replied.

We went to the beach. It rained that day, which seemed unfortunate, except the day was so hot that the raindrops were warm. Alone on the beach we literally frolicked like children, splashing and racing against the current. We both knew his plans so, in a way, the pressure was off.

After a day of play he dropped me off at home. One last long kiss before I got out of the car. It was the sweetest date. No pressure. Just two people enjoying each other’s spirit.

Tasneen Bowe

Tasneen Bowe (a.k.a. Lady T), a real estate agent and entrepreneur, focuses on things that interest and inspire her and the women she knows. She’d love to hear what inspires you.