More of what people are saying about ANNthology

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More comments coming in about the new newsletter as we power through our third week.

Solid. ANNthology is what I’ve been waiting for. Thank you.

Patrick Smith

Glad we found ANNthology. Some very informative articles. However, I’ve been informed that those with migraine issues have a hard time reading with the black background. 

Cyd Debol

Every article informative and interesting!

Kathy Schoen

Just wanted to let you know I love the newsletter!

Chuck Warpehoski

Not sure if you’re into poetry or not … but thought I’d share some of mine with you just in case: 

I stand beside you

I stand beside you, warrior women. 
I am proud of your choices. 
Your voices give rise to equality. 
Your strength shines through the darkest hour. 
Together, we will succeed.

Rise up

Rise up, my dear ones.
Rise up to greet this beautiful day.
Rise up to feel the golden sunshine upon your cheek.
Rise up, my dear ones.
Rise up to Joy.

Be proud

be proud. women.
be proud, knowing that our voice is loud.
be proud of this human tribe, 
for when mothers and daughters ask for support, 
sisters and brothers show up.

Please let me know if you have any questions … I am here to support our community. Thank you!

Elisa Guyton

Jim McBee

Founding partner, creative director and ink-stained wretch with The Ann magazine.