Library: Animals in disguise, times three

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Evelyn Hollenshead is a librarian at the AADL.

Evelyn Hollenshead is a librarian at the AADL.

If there’s one thing I love, it’s a picture book where animals dress up in disguise! On that note, I have three books to recommend.

First up, take a look at the new David J. Plant book “Hungry Roscoe.” Poor Roscoe the raccoon only wants a tasty treat that isn’t rotten food out of the garbage. He hears about the wonderful food at the zoo and tries to sneak in, wearing a variety of homemade animal costumes. His less-than-convincing disguises get him nowhere, and all seems lost until the tricky zoo monkeys hatch a plan. Hilarious, and with great drawings, this book is a winner.

Author Adam Rubin may be best known for the popular title “Dragons Love Tacos,” but my favorite of his titles is “Secret Pizza Party,” which features another sneaky raccoon. The raccoon in this book only wants to eat his favorite food – pizza – but he is not very good at getting it without encountering perilous circumstances. He comes up with a clever plan to crash a pizza party disguised as a regular, pizza-loving human, but things go awry when he gets a little too pizza crazy.

Finally, the beautifully illustrated “Animal Masquerade” is a simple story in which each animal dresses up like the one preceding it. This book is great for younger readers, who will get a kick out of identifying both the original animal and what costume it’s wearing. Despite the repetition, adults shouldn’t dread reading this to their kids – there are plenty of sly jokes to amuse everyone.


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