Judge Simpson:
Kirk Tabbey’s response

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By Steve Friess



The Ann emailed Judge Kirk Tabbey to get his reaction to some of Judge Cedric Simpson’s allegations and complaints. Among the questions we asked were:

• Why were you at all involved in this case? Is it normal for judges to be involved in directing investigatory paperwork before a suspect has even been charged with anything? Weren’t you concerned about the appearance of influencing a working case?

• You mentioned in an email the need to have a record of Simpson’s actions for your petition to the State Court Administrative Office for recusals. Whose recusal? Regardless of whether Simpson had appeared at the crash, he couldn’t have been expected to handle the case given that it involved an employee.

• Did you file the JTC complaint against Simpson?

• Simpson says that your enmity toward him dates back to his taking over as chief judge and having to contend with a case backlog he blamed on you. Is that true?

Below is Tabbey’s response to those inquiries.

You are working on a piece about the Simpson-Crystal Vargas controversy but are asking questions about my actions and feelings when this case is not about me but entirely about the actions undertaken by Judge Simpson alone and then his decision to LIE UNDER OATH about them to the Judicial Tenure Commission.

The State Court Administrative Office appropriately recused all the District Judges in Washtenaw County by assigning a Judge from another county due to the fact that not only was Ms. Vargas a court employee, but more importantly, that Judge Simpson by his own actions had made himself a potential witness in her case.

I firmly believe that when a person makes a mistake, he should openly admit it, accept full responsibility and the consequences for his actions, and then move on. It is time for him to do so.


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    Robbin Lahmann

    December 1, 2016 at 10:45 pm

    I agree 100 Percent with Judge Tabbey’s comments on this matter. This is why I am so thankful he is still serving the community as Judge. -Mrs. Robbin Ross Lahmann