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You don’t know me. But I’ve been here all along. I’m Jim McBee, the third founding partner of The Ann. I’ve been working on this magazine from the get-go while holding down a “real” job in Wyoming.

I just celebrated my 48th birthday and, in a fit of middle-age crazy, decided it was long past time that I get in on the action in person. Frankly, Kyle and Myra have been having all the fun and I just couldn’t stand it, anymore.

So this is our speed-dating moment:

  • Like Kyle and Myra, I’m a Southerner.
  • To my disadvantage, I’m not from here nor did I go to U-M (ask me about dear old Moo U. if you like).
  • I do have a few friends and colleagues with Ann Arbor and Michigan connections. And I’ve visited here three times.
  • I came up with Ann as the name for this magazine. (It picked up the definite article in committee.)
  • By the time you read this, I’ll be well on my way.*

In Kyle’s last column, he spoke of reworking our web presence into a “place where you don’t feel like you have to take a shower when you’re done reading it.” Though I’m an introverted, behind-the-scenes editor and designer by trade, I believe in that civil dialogue that people talk about but rarely seem to perpetrate.

That’s goal No. 1. To get us talking. To break the ice, I’m starting a get-to-know-ya blog, where I’ll meet Ann Arborites and report back what I learn: a self-directed crash course in all things A2, U-M, Michigan. That means I need your help: Contact me. Show this socially awkward but mostly nice fella your Ann Arbor. See the info up top.

The ink-stained wretch, Jim McBee, is excited and more than a little nervous about quitting his day job and moving to Ann Arbor to do The Ann. Tell him what an idiot/genius he is at theannmag@gmail.com, by calling 369-4239 or by visiting facebook.com/theannmag. Invite him over for coffee, beer, live music and/or riots. 

* In fact, I’ve arrived safely and gotten all settled in to a new abode. But still feel free to contact me.

Jim McBee

Founding partner, creative director and ink-stained wretch with The Ann magazine.