Give yourself the gift of news

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The author would like to see more Ann Arbor journalists get paid. Is this a pipe dream? Tell him what you think at theannmag@gmail.com. And break the news to him about Santa, while you’re at it.


As you’ll have guessed, the theme of this month’s edition is giving. Now, I won’t claim to be the world’s most charitable guy, but the one area where I will admit to giving till it hurts is this magazine. The partners and photo genius Benjamin Weatherston and many of our contributors have put a huge amount of unpaid labor into this thing.

Now, for my part, even that’s a rather self-interested form of giving. After all, I hope The Ann grows prosperous. But I also care deeply about continuing the best traditions of journalism into an uncertain future. We feel like we’re filling potholes in your information superhighway.

And to some extent, that sense of mission is why we’ve given The Ann away. It’s been a business decision and our thank-you to a community that didn’t ask a bunch of tom-fool Southerners to come here, yet has welcomed us all the same.

But our resources are limited. We can’t put The Ann into the hands of everyone who wants one at no cost. So starting this month, for those who don’t get The Ann in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal or Washtenaw County Legal News, we’re making the magazine available by subscription. Get a year’s worth of The Ann in your mailbox monthly for $36.

We have big plans for the coming year. Whatever way you get The Ann, we look forward to sharing them with you.

Jim McBee

Founding partner, creative director and ink-stained wretch with The Ann magazine.