Comment: A resolve-strengthening article

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Oh my, Tim Omarzu, what a spot-on article you wrote in the August issue of The Ann (“Proposed pipeline may warm hearths, but few hearts”).

Concise, accurate and easy to read. You tied it nicely to fracturing for natural gas and it was written for every level of understanding. Thank you.

I am the owner of a small farm in Augusta Township (Washtenaw County). It has been in my family for 128 years. The Nexus Pipeline will run across the northern edge of my 40 acres if it is built, so we are fighting it. I am a part of the Facebook group “NO Nexus Pipeline in Michigan & Ohio.” … I have also been working with the LetsBanFracking.org group to get horizontal fracking and import of toxic frack waste banned in Michigan.

I just want you to know you are a superb writer and this article made my day and encourages me to continue the fight.

Kathy Schoen


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