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Several readers shared their thoughts with us upon receiving the first issue of ANNthology on Jan. 23. We thought we’d share them with you and ask you what you think of our new five-day-a-week, curated, email newsletter. Here’s an archived version of the first issue here. If you like it, subscribe. It’s free.

The idea that “there are no shareholders to appease” might apply to the contributors’ relationship with The Ann, but certainly many of these contributors have financial, political and social ties that have clearly biased their work in their day jobs. Will you be publishing a guide to how much public money flows their way, for those readers who don’t know, in the interest of transparency?

— Concerned citizen

Thanks for the email news​letter invite. At first I thought, wow, how cool — I would love to read up on current events, cultural happenings and any fab food stories or restaurant scoops! But, alas, you had to go there …. Your glaring, one-sided, political views will unfortunately prevent me from enjoying your ANNthology. Such a shame that there exists a “my way or the highway” mentality with our politics. I sincerely hope all you delicate people will able to cope through the next four years. Please remember, millions of us are absolutely elated.

— A Deplorable (Shelly Moore)

I think you should cover the controversy over the deer cull (a euphemism for misguided slaughter). The discussion threads on Nextdoor are pretty comprehensive. I’m against it because I think it’s cruel and bad for the city and a waste of taxpayer money (so I don’t want to hear any whining about this city being strapped for cash, or any suggestions of new taxes or parking rate hikes, etc.). Not to mention the fact that its not going to work (it’s a people problem, not a deer problem). It’s a deeply divisive issue that has already done more harm than good for this city, and costs keep escalating. I’m on the “stop the slaughter” side (or make the people who want it to happen pay for it and/or do it themselves). I resent my tax dollars paying for something I’m so opposed to and that is clearly optional.

— Bonnie Wylo

Great! Excited to get this. Great idea!

— Geoff Larcom

Thank you so very much. I don’t live near Ann Arbor so it​’s hard to pick up your magazine, which I really like!

— Kathy Schoen

I find wom​en ​who describe themselves as “​nasty” and teach their young girls this kind of feminism completely off​-putting and downright disgusting. I will never support anything that degrades wom​en and separates my daughters or myself from dignity. This movement is dangerous and I truly believe it does nothing but hurt women. 

​— Megan Schous

​I’ll decide ​after the next issue if i want to receive it. ​I don​’​t like a dark background​,​ especially Monday ​morning. 

— Gloria Goldman



​Thanks! This is great and I look forward to reading the paperless The Ann magazine regularly. 

— Linda Fink Levy

Editor’s note: ANNthology is a compilation of news from numerous sources, of which The Ann is only one.

Jim McBee

Founding partner, creative director and ink-stained wretch with The Ann magazine.


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    Geoff Larcom

    January 26, 2017 at 8:55 am

    Bravo for giving various local news sources more exposure. An inspired idea that will enrich our dialogue and local news climate!

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    Debbie Gourley

    January 26, 2017 at 9:19 am

    I’ve been receiving the newsletter at work and Love it, I am going to subscribe to continue receiving it; but to my personal email. Good job, great reading!