Ten to Go: Tempeh Reuben sandwich recipe

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PDF version of visual recipe: 2014.06.28

Tempeh Reuben

This month’s healthy recipe comes from Susan Todoroff of Juicy Kitchen.


4 oz. good quality organic Tempeh (we use the Brinery) marinated overnight in soy sauce, dijon mustard and fresh squeezed orange juice

1/4 cup good quality sauerkraut (we use the Brinery)

2 sliced good quality rye bread (we use Avalon organic rye)

2 tablespoons good quality aged white cheddar (we use Cabot’s — or no cheese for vegan.)

2 teaspoons sauce (ranch dressing and Frank’s hot sauce or veganese and Frank’s hot sauce for vegan)


Put the tempeh and sauerkraut in a hot pan to get warm

Place the cheese (if using) on a piece of bread, and the sauce on the other piece of bread

Place the bread (cheese side up and sauce side up) in an oiled pan

Place the warmed tempeh and sauerkraut on each piece of bread

Close up the sandwich and continue grilling till brown, then flip over. Cover with a lid while the other side browns.

Serve with a side salad for a tasty, filling vegan or vegetarian sandwich.

Photos by Benjamin Weatherston

Demond Johnson

The author, Demond Johnson, is a retired combat veteran who coordinated the U.S. Army’s Weight Control Program. He owns A2 Fitness Professionals. Contact him at demond@a2fitnesspro.com or 734-222-5080.