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… Servings per container: 1+

We hope you noticed last month that we made a few changes to the fitness column by Demond Johnson. It was redesigned and more voices were added.

This month, we instituted some similar changes to the dating column by Tasneen Bowe. Next month? Well, there’s no telling what designer Jim McBee has in store. (Seriously. We have no idea.)

We’re making the changes not because we’re unhappy with the columnists, but because we don’t want The Ann to feel like homework. Preventing that can be difficult sometimes, given that we run long, thoughtful centerpiece stories every month. We want the columns to be thoughtful, too, and provocative, but we hope they’ll read like recess.

Along those lines, one of our favorite pages every month is a compilation of numbers and quotes from The Ann Arbor Chronicle, put together by that website’s owners/journalists Mary Morgan and Dave Askins. We learn something from that page every month, whether it’s about local political spats or smoking ordinances. We hope our updated columns can offer a similar high fact-per-ounce ratio.

Please don’t think we’re trying to tone down our columnists. We’re proud that Anuja Rajendra started a continuing local debate with her column about racism (which she revisits inside this issue). We just want to make sure no one overlooks the columnists’ gray matter because of the gray type.

We think the redesigned columns look pretty great. But our opinion doesn’t really matter. Let us know what you think.

The editor, Kyle Poplin, and his partners, Myra Poplin and Jim McBee, believe that The Ann is healthy only if it’s growing and changing. Let the three of them know your opinion on the evolution of their baby by emailing theannmag@gmail.com, calling 369-4239, or visiting facebook.com/theannmag or theannmag.com.

Kyle Poplin

Kyle Poplin is co-founder and editor of The Ann magazine.