Library: ‘The Martian,’
a story of hope, survival

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Allison Jones is an information desk clerk at the Ann Arbor District Library.

Allison Jones is an information desk clerk at the Ann Arbor District Library.

After a freak accident during a vicious sandstorm at the Ares 3 mission base, Mark Watney wakes up to discover that his crew mates, believing he did not survive the storm, have abandoned him on Mars. With only enough supplies to last the original 35 days of the mission — and no chance of a return mission to rescue him for another four years — Mark must rely on his training, quick wit and intellect to help him stretch his supplies to the limit and find a way to survive in the harsh Martian landscape.

Mark’s optimism blends with his witty and sometimes crude remarks to humanize his character and bring a more lighthearted aspect to the narrative. This fast-paced and thrilling novel intertwines Mark’s story with the stories of his devastated crew members on their way back to Earth, NASA’s frenzied attempts to save Mark and the media’s fascination with the whole situation.

First-time novelist Andy Weir includes many technical details, most of which are backed by real science, adding to the intensity of this great story. “The Martian” is a classic story of hope and survival in a foreign wilderness that is sure to delight adult readers. Watch for the movie adaptation starring Matt Damon, which hits theaters in October.


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