Letter: Here’s a ranking you won’t see touted by the Chamber of Commerce

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You published an article, “Ranking the Rankers,” about the continuous drumbeat of Ann Arbor’s rank of No. 1 City, No. 1 Suburb, etc., and how those ratings are obtained.  I have found those ratings to be questionable both in their conclusions and in their methodology (nicely reviewed by you).

I found the AARP Livability Index via a citation in The New York Times today.  While their orientation is naturally to retired people, they make the point that liveability is important to all ages. “People experience communities as a whole, so the Public Policy Institute looked across multiple aspects of livability to get the full picture. The Livability Index assesses seven broad categories of community livability: housing, neighborhood, transportation, environment, health, engagement and opportunity.” The ratings are on a basis of 0-100. “We score communities by comparing them to one another, so the average community gets a score of 50, while above-average communities score higher and below-average communities score lower.” 

So what is Ann Arbor’s score? 58. 

Here is the index based on all those categories. https://livabilityindex.aarp.org/search#Ann+Arbor+MI+USA

I think that assessment of those categories can tell us some useful things about ourselves.  At least we are still “above average.” 

Vivienne Armentrout


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