Judge Simpson:
documents in the case

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Here are documents related to the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission’s recommendation to remove Washtenaw County Judge Cedric Simpson from the bench. The JTC decided in August that the 14A-1 District Court judge had interfered with a then-intern’s 2013 drunken driving arrest. Here are some PDF documents relating to the JTC’s case against Simpson:

• The JTC has never said how they first heard about Simpson’s involvement in the case of Crystal Vargas, his intern. However, documents The Ann obtained through the Freedom of Information Act show the hand of another Washtenaw County jurist, Kirk Tabbey. Here’s an email in which he insists Pittsfield Township Police Chief Matthew Harshberger amend Vargas’ arrest report to show Simpson was at the early-morning scene: 2013.10.17-Page-45-from-FOIA-docs

• The JTC’s “28-day letter” informing Simpson he’s being charged with misconduct. He has 28 days to respond: 2014.06.06-JTC-28-day-letter

• Crystal Vargas’ testimony for the JTC: 2014.08.08-vargas-transcript

• Simpson’s initial response to the charges in the 28-day letter: 2014.09.11-28-day-ltr-response

• The JTC’s formal complaint against Simpson: 2014.11.12-judge-simpson-formal-complaint

• Transcripts of Simpson’s JTC hearing, March 31-April 1: 2015.03.31-JTC-hearing-vol12015.03.31-JTC-hearing-vol22015.04.01-JTC-hearing-vol3

• Simpson’s objections to the formal complaint: 2015.05.26-objections-to-formal-complaint

• Transcript of final arguments in Simpson’s JTC hearing:2015.06.08-FC96-Final-Arguments

• An additional objection to the charge that Simpson lied about when he had contact with Vargas the night of her arrest: 2015.06.15-additional-objection

• The JTC’s Aug. 31 recommendation that Simpson be removed from the bench: 2015.08.31-JTC-complaint

• All documents The Ann obtained by FOIA request: 2015.09.21-Simpson-case-FOIA-documents

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