How they’re ANNbassadors for ANNthology

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Amanda Colwell models our new T-shirt.

So we started an informal program to get readers to spread the word about ANNthology, our five-day-a-week email newsletter curated from contributors around Washtenaw County. ANNbassadors have started contacting us looking for that sweet, T-shirt swag. Here are some of the ways they’ve been promoting the cause. We are humbled by the love, y’all. 

If you’d like to join in the promo party, check out a recent copy of the newsletter. Want to give ANNthology a try? Subscribe for free.

I share it with all my friends and family who are visiting Ann Arbor his summer. They in turn, share it with other people in Ohio because the best thing about Ohio is getting out of it.


I do get your hard copy and share it in the teachers lounge. I worked with Dan Ezekiel, who recently retired from teaching and contributes to your publication.

You fill a great local void with The Ann Arbor News now publishing once a week and The Observer publishing monthly. So you are greatly appreciated, well read and advertiser supported.

James Kopf

1.  I bring up individual items when party talk gets political and at the same time I mention you as the source

2.  I give my spouse doses of its content (verbally) when we’re both checking the news in the morning

3.  I’ve recommended it on my Facebook page

4.  I’ve recommended it in my company’s in-house Slack chat board when the talk turns local

What helps when recommending it is three things:  the diversity of sources (Purple Walrus Press is a name that people haven’t heard; Damn Arbor is an intriguing name); diversity of locations (Ypsi is good because people don’t think it’s getting enough coverage elsewhere; “as far away as Manchester” is impressive); and the credibility of sources (Vivienne Armentrout’s name carries a lot of weight; so does NPR-local).

I really like it!  Keep it up!

Chris Grant

Dang if he didn’t do it. Thanks, Jeff!

I plan to wear (the ANNthology T-shirt) to the school board meeting tomorrow, so it may get TV exposure. Is that different enough?

Jeff Gaynor

During carpooling with my sister, I give her a rundown of the ANNthology.  Also, I visit a different contributor link daily!

Marionette Cano

My daughter talks about your website. She is the one who encouraged me to do this.  My husband and I visit ANNthology to see what activities there are.  I talk to my crochet club friends.  My husband recruits his friends at the Pittsfield Senior Center to join him for events too.

Aurea Cano

Jim McBee

Founding partner, creative director and ink-stained wretch with The Ann magazine.