Letter: Gloomy cover gets a big thumbs down

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2014.01It is to be assumed that The Ann is eager to have readers open the first page of your magazine. That is hard to do with the January issue. The front cover is one of gloom encased within solid black. (Indistinguishable materials in the lower center: Old rags plus other urban detritus? A hunk of suet? A fetus — human or animal — wrapped up to be thrown into a trash dump?)

Wherever this “artistic” expression erupts from (truisms from the flowering of Generation Z?), the rest of your magazine pales in interest when confronted by that front cover image. Is that what you want? I am for the abstract in the visual arts, I am not for “far out” for the sake of. Go ahead and indulge yourselves with unfathomable meanings in shadowy, obscure shapes. (I was unable to find explanation/attribution inside.) But I, for one, refuse to be taken in.

Question: Is there a photographer/artistic director/editor working on your staff who suffers from deep depression? This is seriously asked.

Agnes W. Hannahs

Editor’s note: Designer Jim McBee doesn’t suffer from deep depression. As far as we know. But he will be taken out back and flogged. 


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