Dexter High team wins fourth straight Great Lakes Bowl

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A pleasant news release for your Friday:

On Feb. 4, students from Dexter High School won the Great Lakes Bowl, a regional ocean-science academic competition that is part of the National Ocean Sciences Bowl. The Great Lakes Bowl, which was held at the University of Michigan’s School of Natural Resources and Environment, is part of a nationwide competition that tests students’ knowledge of ocean science disciplines through buzzer-style, multiple-choice questions and open-ended, team-challenge questions. The Dexter High School team will join winners from 24 other regional bowls April 20-23 at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Ore., for the NOSB Finals. Students on the championship team include Philip Rabideau, Seth Greenfield, Faith Wesorick, and Nicholas Preuth. They are coached by Daniel “Beau” Kimmey. The Dexter team is no stranger to the NOSB Finals – this is their fourth year in a row winning the Great Lakes Bowl.

The NOSB is building our next generation of marine scientists, policy makers, teachers, explorers, researchers, technicians, environmental advocates, and informed citizens by educating them in timely and relevant ocean science topics that are already a part of our future. This year’s theme is “Blue Energy: Powering the Planet With Our Ocean.” The continuous movement of surface winds, tides, and currents, as well as differences in salinity and temperature, offer a naturally abundant source of energy from the sea that can generate power. Marine renewable energy can be one of the many solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, preserving our way of life and securing a healthy and productive ocean for the generations to come.

“We’re thrilled to have kicked off our 20th year of competitions,” said Kristen Yarincik, Director of the NOSB at the Consortium for Ocean Leadership. “It is the high quality and caliber of participating students, coaches, and volunteers who make this program possible – this year and for the last 19 – and I look forward to seeing all of our finalists in Oregon.”   

For more information about NOSB, visit www.nosb.org


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